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Getting your analytics right is hard! Set up too little miss out on tons of growth opportunity. Set up too much and it’s information overload. Josh Silverbauer will help you unlock the true value of your data. 

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Google Analytics

The most popular analytics platform on the planet is also often the worst configured.

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Google Tag Manager

Tracking errors can cause businesses to lose millions of dollars. Ensure your tags and triggers are correct.


Google Data Studio

It’s important that your website displays the terms of how you operate and what is involved.


Other Platforms

There are countless other valuable analytics platforms. Get the most out of your data stack.

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Who's this magic man?

I’ve been called an “analytics wizard," a "measurement miracle worker", a "digital mastermind". While I think it's all a bit much, I AM significantly good at figuring out and solving tracking and analytics issues. I will help you transform your analytics setup into something truly powerful and turn your data into gold.

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I've helped countless companies with their marketing analytics. From startups to enterprise, everyone can benefit from good data. Here are few of the brands I've worked with.


Did you know that Analytics is the key to Conversion Optimization?

Conversion optimization is the practice of using analytics to find what parts of the site need to be improved and then running split-test experiments to determine which version of the page leads to more conversions. Science is cool.

  • Get more sales, purchases & leads from your site
  • Engage more users and learn what makes them come back
  • Take the guesswork out of your strategy

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The Colorful Side Of The Brain


It's not all just numbers and logic, bob

I believe that both sides of the brain should be explored deeply and robustly. Explore the right side of my brain with some of my creative project. I've written rock opera's, been in bands and have music videos out in the youtube universe. Explore my "just-for-fun" projects by clicking this button.

The Logical Side Of The Brain

This is where I take very technical concepts and write about them. And try to make them palatable and fun. Most of my articles will surround Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Data Studio but I’ll pepper in some others. Feel free to always let me know what topics you’d like me to write about! 

Google Tag Manager is an awesome tool. It’s crazy powerful. I equate using GTM to having the Marauder’s Map in Harry Potter. …