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Google Tag Manager is mainly thought of as a pixel implementation program but it is so much more. GTM is truly the wheel the engine that powers most of modern day digital marketing. From building events, to configuring and standardizing user attributes, a well-configured Google Tag Manager is the key to unlocking a rich tracking system that will fuel your business growth.

Why is a Good GTM Setup Important?

When Google Tag Manager was born it was mainly to empower marketers to expedite and organize marketing code implementation. In the stone age of digital marketing, all pixels needed to be hardcoded on the website which was a cumbersome, disorganized process. Customization of analytics platforms such as Google Analytics GA was quite difficult and relied heavily on developers. GTM changed the game by allowing for organized and customizable platform setups through groups of tag templates as well as a fast way to get them on the site. The problem? GTM is still quite unassumingly technical. I've seen thousands of GTM setups that are disorganized, poorly executed and flat-out wrong. This can cost an organization hundreds-of-thousands to millions of dollars in wrong assumptions and mismanaged marketing spend. When GTM is setup poorly it means that tracking is wrong. This leads to missed opportunities and poor choices. I will audit and fix your GTM to make sure that your tracking is setup right ,so you can rest assured that you are making the right decisions with your marketing dollars.


Determine if your tracking is setup correctly


Strategically setup tags, triggers, and variables


Add marketing pixels, events and dataLayer objects to your website

Training & Consultation

Learn how to be a power-user of GTM & how to add your own pixels

Tracking the Right Way

Google Tag Manager is a robust platform with infinite customizability. As digital marketing scales as has GTM. Now more than ever Marketers are struggling with tag implementation, trigger setup and execution. Call me today and build a better tracking system so that you can rest easy knowing your data is flowing in correctly.

  • +Can you help me setup Facebook, Google, Bing and LinkedIn tracking
    Yes! I work with all of these platforms to setup conversion tracking.
  • +Are you able to help my developers setup a dataLayer?
    Yes, I speak developer and will help build documentation so that we can get the most our of data on your website.
  • +Can you help me setup enhanced ecommerce?
    Yep. After setting up a dataLayer, we can use GTM to build enhanced ecommerce so that you can robustly track revenue in GA>
  • +Can you help me understand if my triggers are setup right?
    Yes. I will start by auditing your GTM and checking to make sure the triggers that you are using are firing in the correct spots that they are intended to.
  • +What type of data can you track with GTM?
    User attributes such as User ID, age, demographics. CRM data (if available) such as company, industry and annual revenue Logged-in user vs logged-out user User behavior events such as clicks, views, form submissions and interactions And that’s just scratching the surface. The possibilities are endless.
  • +Do you work with both Server and Client-Side Tracking?
    Yes, as cookies is being deprecated, server-side tracking will become more necessary. I work with and can guide you on both.
  • +What about cookie compliance? Can you help there?
    Yes, I have worked with many cookie compliance softwares and can set up your tags to comply with a user’s cookie preferences.
  • +Can you help transfrer my UA tags to GA4? tags
    Yes. I’ve worked with GA4 over the last two years and can quickly migrate your UA tags to GA4 tags.
  • +Is there any GTM thing you don't do?
    No. I’m a wizard.

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