Google Data Studio Services

Visualization is the key to taking a bunch of chaos and numbers, organizing it and then building it into something that you can make decision from. Google Data Studio is a free tool from Google that allows you take data from various sources and build beautiful dashboards and reports.

Why use GDS when I already have Google Analytics?

There have been so many times in my career when I see people present raw data in tables & spreadsheets and I watched as CEOs and CMOs start yawning, their eyes glazing over literally just tune out of the conversation. I've seen yawns. I've seen tears. I've seen it all. Data without design is really hard to digest. Most really visionary marketers have very short attention spans (it's part of what makes them creative), they don't have time to try to digest tons of numbers on a page. They want to see "did things go up?" or "did things go down". This is why Data Studio and other visualization tools are so important. Visualization and Dashboarding is the other half of the analytics puzzle. Let me help you take tons of meaningless data and build it into something that you can make meaningful decisions from. A few of the services I provide:

Dashboard Creation

Build Visualization within GDS

Combining Platforms

Pull in multiple data sources and display in one report

Data Blending

Take data and create custom calculations such as CPA and ROI

Training & Consultation

Learn how to be a power-user of GDS & build your own dashboards.

I't so pretty

Good visualizations don't just help you make better decisions but they are impressive and help tell a compelling story. GDS helps thousands of businesses find meaning in their data. Let's create an awesome dashboard together.

  • +Can you take data from Facebook and combine with Google Ads?
    Yes! Google Data Studio allows you to take data from multiple advertising platforms and combine them and present them as one.
  • +Can you create custom groupings with GDS?
    Yes! Google Data Studio allows you to take raw data and group them into custom groupings, this helps your organize your data and create meaningful content or channel groups.
  • +I don't use Google Analytics, can I still use Google Data Studio?
    Yes! Though we should discuss why you aren’t using Google Analytics. But Google Data Studio works independently of Google Analytics. You can use data from many sources beyond GA.
  • +Can you use data from spreadsheets in GDS?
    Yes! You can use GDS with Google Sheets making it infinitely flexible.