Custom Jingles & Music

Have you ever heard of an analytics guru who also writes jingles? Well, now you have. I have been writing music for 20 years and have published numerous works on Spotify. Whether you are looking for background music to a commercial or a custom brand song, I can help make your brand sound catchy.

Yes, Jingles are IMPORTANT!

Did you know that audio is a powerful marketing tool? I bet you remember the McDonalds "baa ba ba baa baa, I'm lovin it" or how about "We are Farmers!" A well done musical brand moment, can become an earworm for consumers and attract powerful recognition. Stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise.

Soundtracks & Scores

Producing a film? I've created many background instrumental tracks to help build the mood

Custom Songs

Need a song for a project? I have been sourced by many producers to create custom tracks.


I will work with you to create a song that matches the brand concept and create a memorable experience for the consumer.

Track Building

Already have a song but need to fill it out? I have helped songwriters build out their songs with background tracks.

Let's Make Music

I'd love to learn more about your musical project and how I can help. Reach out to me and we can get the conversation started. Rock & Roll!

  • +Can I listen to your music?
    Sure! Check out my right brain part of the site for samples and past projects.
  • +Have you ever combined Analytics & Music?
    Not yet, but I’m working on a super secret project that will do just that! I’ll keep you posted.
  • +What type of music do you make?
    I like experimenting with all kinds of music, I gravitate towards pop & rock but I love a challenge to produce any and all types. I work with the customer to understand the style that fits the brand best and build a style that helps encapsulate it best.
  • +Can you sing me a song right now?
    Yes. Fill out the form on the website and put in the subject “sing me a song”, leave your number and I will send you an audio text of a song.