Innovate USA produces a 350-page in-depth study on people, companies, products, and services that are doing something exceptionally innovative in a city or entrepreneurial ecosystem. They welcome business leaders and decision-makers who can affect change in their industries and play an active role in its growth and development. The publications are divided into three types of contributors: the experts, the innovators, and the supporters.

As CEO, my company was featured in Innovate Philadelphia as a full spread, featuring our unique approach to adaptation and I was quoted saying “

My personal philosophy is to say ‘Yes!’ to anything and everything that you think you will learn from in a positive way. Just keep on saying yes to yourself, understanding that things will work out. That energy will allow you and your company to succeed.” 

It feels awesome knowing that we are on coffee tables around Philadelphia and a unique book to be a part of. 

Philly Pride! 

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