In the mid 2000’s, my best friend Pete DiLorenzo and I created an epic rock opera called O’Captain. O’Captain was a story about a sea-captain who is unsatisfied with his life, so he goes on a journey and gets stranded on a bizarre desert island after a shipwreck. The Rock Opera took about 2-3 years to write and we built various versions of the songs. We never ended up getting it fully complete but about 3 years ago (2019) we completed a “demo version” of the full cohesive rock opera. This version was recorded on a multitrack. We still hope to complete a studio version at some point. Enjoy the album and read the full story below.


O’Captain Album: 


Act 1.

Once upon a time, there lived a sea captain named Witamor Toth. Captain Wit was miserable in his hometown because the love of his life would never marry him. He spent most of his time by himself, so much so that the woman called him Captain No One. (Captain Song)

He professed his love, but she wanted nothing to do with him. (Miscommunication) This hopelessness turned into sleeplessness, as the Captain awoke  in the middle of the night to disturbing voices telling him to leave town at once. (Voices)

Wit packed his things and set out to sea. (Boat) When a violent storm destroyed his ship, he was swept away by the waves and into a dream. (Storm) He woke up on an island, all alone. He waited on the shore for months, slowly losing his mind and all hope of being rescued. (Island) He began hallucinating and talking to the local creatures. (Insanity) He decided to take a walk to the other side of the island to see what he may find. (Walk There)

Act 2.

Captain Wit walked through the woods, arriving at a town called Slimy Time Village. He met the Mayor, who told him that everything in the town was upside down. (The New Town) Black was white. The fish ate the people. It was full of bizarre characters like Cecil P. Jones, the rudest man in all the land (Cecil P Jones) and Ms. Slimey Time, Lily Kwickeneazy (Lily Kwickeneazy).

He wandered into the back of the bar where Lilly Kwickeneazy performed, led by a lizard wearing a cowboy hat. The lizard introduced Captain Wit to three characters, each of whom gave him a different potion that took his mind on a wild ride. (Expansion) It started very interestingly, but soon he lost all sense of reality. (Fading Away/Black Hole/Nothingness)

After a complete mental panic, he awoke to realize that he wanted to stop escaping life and start living it. (Wake Up) He walked back to the other side of the island (Walk Back), where he discovered his ship hadn’t been wrecked at all. (Saved) He headed home with a new sense of appreciation, emerging from the blue sea to truly see all the colors of the world for the very first time. (Colors)