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Tipalti was founded in 2010, back when digital networks were lackluster in their ability to manage high-volume, global payment transactions. They created a new platform to automate an archaic and outdated process for their online global partners with their payment automation systems. Overthe last decade-plus, Tipalti has helped their clients and business partners save time within their payment process while also minimizing the need to hire additional payments staff for operational support.

Tipalti’s Tagging and CRO Challenges

At the start of our partnership, Tipalti’s tag management system was disorganized and slowing down the site and not delivering valuable data to their analytics systems. Despite using multiple marketing channels (Marketo, Hushly, and Drift, to name a few) to fuel their funnel and drive lead conversions, only one source was getting captured in their Google Analytics. This significantly limited their visibility and tracking capabilities, and the data they had was an incomplete picture of their holistic marketing efforts. 

Marketing and sales channels were entirely disconnected, resulting in way too much manual data tracking and guesswork for a business that was genuinely interested in improving its online efforts. The data was noisy, cluttered, and ultimately unhelpful until we got involved.

So, my goals were to:

  •   Consolidate their multiple conversion entries into a single conversion data point.

  •   Integrate the sales and marketing analytics system,

  •   Clean up their data and analytics dashboards

  •  Remove excess pixels to improve site performance (speed is critical to optimizing both conversions and SEO efforts).

Data Cleanup + Property Setup = Better Decision-Making

Tipalti’s tag management system was all over the place, so the first task on our list was to audit and consolidate tags to clean things up. If tags were dormant or not used frequently, we shut them down. If they were inaccurate, we fixed them . Once the tags were tidied, we rebuilt their Google Analytics property to be simpler and smarter for Tipalti’s team to use. We captured the Google Analytics ClientId in the Marketo submission (this is the form system they used on their site) as well as in Hushly and Drift to allow us to stitch marketing data and sales data together. We also removed unnecessary tracking pixels that weren’t producing useful data to address website speed concerns.

Through our clean-up process, we also recognized that Tipalti’s chat and pop-up system weren’t being tracked by Google either. As a result, their marketing team wasn’t collecting any data from potential customers that had taken time to chat with their reps, so we made sure to properly track these inbound leads in their property as well.

We integrated all of Tipalti’s lead sources into a single conversions bucket in Google Analytics to analyze which marketing sources were worth investing in moving forward. We were able to demonstrate on the whole which funnels were producing results and which ones were lacking by storing client IDs in each system. For example, we could even identify when one funnel’s subpar performance impacted the performance of a high-functioning funnel. Now we could identify that while CRO looked like it wasn’t doing a great job in one funnel, it may be doing exceptionally well in another. (And by running a series of CRO tests, we did prove this!) 

Rave Results

Tipalti is now armed with the visibility and accurate data necessary to take educated next steps with its marketing efforts. By clearly defining which lead sources were valuable to their teams, they reduced their number of source platforms and marketing spend accordingly (hundred of thousands per year). Instead, they are putting more resources into the marketing sources that actually generate revenue and profitability for their business. They can make smarter marketing decisions and have more power to use this data to take meaningful action with their marketing budget.

Their new and improved site loads faster, tracks all of the specific data points necessary to optimize their lead-to-conversion ratios, and saves Tipalti big bucks every year on unnecessary marketing costs.

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“Josh is a rare gem in the vast forest of Analytics, GTM & CRO professionals. He has been an invaluable and trusted resource for Tipalti, providing GA audits, highly complex attribution solutions for various systems that include Marketo, tag manager, Salesforce, Drift, Google Analytics, and various conversion-related data sources. Not to mention, Josh helped us successfully increase our conversion rates to deliver significant ROI improvements across SEO, PPC, and direct traffic sources. Best of all, Josh’s communication skills are fast, clear, professional, and cooperative between our many stakeholders and 3rd party partners.” – Logan Bryant – Senior Manager, Inbound Marketing – Tipalti

COMPANY CREDIT (Where I worked on this client): Great Big Digital Agency