About Minno

Minno is a category-leading children’s educational streaming service. They provide a safe-for-kids streaming and video-on-demand platform that offers Bible teaching tools, family devotionals, and expert parenting advice to help Christian parents lead their families in faith.

Their platform exists as a web-based application and can be found within multiple app systems. Minno offers a 14 day free trial for new subscribers and uses various marketing channels — including social media, paid advertising (Google/Social Ads), and app marketing — to get the word out about their services and products.

Minno’s Challenges

When Minno’s CEO first approached me about a potential partnership, they dealt with a handful of significant business challenges related to their website and sales funnel. The primary concerns they had with their business were:

 Their marketing efforts were stretched too thin across various funnels and channels. There wasn’t enough focus to get the data and insights needed to take actionable next steps in web optimization

  • Tracking data from their app, cross-site clicks, or cross-domain clicks was clouded and inconsistent
  • New subscribers took advantage of the 14-day free trial period but there wasn’t visibility into the churn between trial and signup.
  • The landing pages were disconnected from their primary funnel, making it challenging to attribute clicks to their site from internal or external sources.

Minno sought a partner to help them build out an organized, systematic data infrastructure to span all of their funnels (app, web, etc.) and create user tracking throughout the customer journey. Additionally, they wanted to implement conversion tracking metrics for all funnels that could be readily displayed on an easy-to-use client dashboard.

Solutions Implemented

I took a three-pronged approach to address Minno’s issues: Integrate, Track, Convert.

Integrate: I worked with the Minno team to create a data system that integrated their various funnels into a single, centralized database that pushed data to Google Analytics using server-side tracking. Each platform was organized in a structurally simple way that Minno likes to analyze their data to track leads, conversions, and so forth.

Track: We stored the Google Analytics ClientID, then blended it with the internal userID to track customers across all funnels — from App to App to Web. A centralized database would ping Google Analytics through a complex API integration to give Minno a way to track engagement past the marketing sources themselves.

Convert: By linking and integrating their different landing pages and establishing custom conversions, we could now track customer engagement throughout the entire duration of the 14-day free trial.

Our new systems offered insights into their holistic marketing efforts and delivered tremendous results by improving their web integrations and tracking measures. 


The systems I created for Minno’s website enabled their analytics team to gain visibility into data, patterns, and other high-value information. They now boast a comprehensive analytics solution along with a centralized dashboard, and key metrics are displayed quickly to speed up data-based decisions. Minno makes better decisions on marketing channels by limiting spend on low-converting 14-day trial subscribers, lowering their customer acquisition costs and overall marketing spend.

The centralized dashboard allows Minno to track web sessions, website CR%, the number (and source location) of free trials activated, and the ability to see users vs. trials data to compare spending and results across all their marketing channels. Visibility, value, and ease-of-use were crucial components in helping Minno develop a more precise and transparent understanding of their marketing and web efforts.

Client Testimonial

“Josh is indeed a wizard. He helped us implement fairly complex integrations between our data systems, API, CDP, and Google Analytics to provide much-needed insight for both site traffic and conversion understanding. This rich insight was paramount in understanding our marketing spend and retention efforts. I can’t recommend him enough…” – John Henderson – CTO – Minno

COMPANY CREDIT (Where I worked on this client): Great Big Digital Agency.